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Get quick online referrals to see a specialist anywhere in Quebec. Access our large network of affiliated medical specialists and let us easily book an appointment for you for maximum convenience. No wait times.

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About Specialist Referrals

Some medical issues may require a specialist. Specialists typically only accept patients who are referred by a family doctor or a physician at a walk-in clinic. At Eden Telemed, we understand how difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating it can be to have to wait extended periods of time just to ask your doctor for a letter to see a specialist only to find out that specialist can only see you in six months!

Our team of caring and professional online doctors is the first step to getting you your specialist referral. At Eden Telemed virtual clinic, you can skip the waiting time and the hassle. Consult with our online doctors same-day from the comfort of your home or office and get a specialist referral online in minutes! Need to be seen in person? We can help you find the closest and fastest care you need.

Eden Telemed allows you to access a doctor for primary care, and follow-ups and even ensures continuity of care via our network of in-person specialists for fully comprehensive care. It is important for our online doctors and healthcare team to have an ongoing relationship with patients, unlike other telemedicine companies.

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Specialists In Our Network

Enjoy fast, real-time access to our multidisciplinary team, Here are all the specialists we can refer you to for an in-person doctor or specialist visit

Eden Telemed can give you and your loved ones access to a range of mental health specialists to improve your well-being, including psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors, mental health workers, or clinical social workers.

All appointments are GUARANTEED in less than 2 weeks! Note:  If you have a referral already from your family doctor, you can use your existing requisition. If you require a specialist referral, please click here to book a consultation with one of our online doctors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a specialist referral?

To get your specialist referral, simply book an appointment at a day and time that is convenient for you and chat with our virtual doctor by phone or video. If medically appropriate, our online doctor will send the referral to the specialist, then you can upload your referral requisition to book an appointment with a specialist at Eden Telemed or anywhere else at your convenience.

How quickly can I get an appointment with an online doctor?

You can connect instantly with our online doctors from the comfort of your home or office, anytime, anywhere. Click here to book an online doctor appointment to get a specialist referral now.

How quickly can I get an appointment with a specialist?

All appointments with our affiliated medical specialists are GUARANTEED in less than 2 weeks! If you have a referral already from your family doctor, you can use your existing requisition. If you require a specialist referral, please click here to book a consultation with one of our online doctors.

How does a referral work to a mental health specialist?

Once you book our specialist referral service, our affiliated clinic coordinator will contact you within just 24-48 hours to pair you with the most suited specialist tailored to your needs! You will then have unlimited access to mental health care specialists for guidance, crisis support, personalized follow-ups and convenient virtual therapy sessions.

Where are your specialists located for in person visits?

All of our medical specialists are located on the island of Montreal. Once you book a specialist appointment, we will contact you to provide you with the precise location as well as the date and time of your appointment.

What is the specialist appointment service and how does it work?

Instead of waiting months to see a specialist, Eden Telemed offers you a specialist appointment service, which allows you to access a specialist quickly without worrying about where to find one. For this service, you will need to have a requisition that you received from Eden Telemed or from any doctor in Canada.

What is the difference between specialist referral and specialist appointment?

Our specialist referral service allows you to instantly connect with an online doctor to get a referral to see a specialist in minutes from your computer, tablet or phone. The referral is digital and can be provided to you by email or sent to your Eden Telemed account. Without this referral or doctor requisition, you will not be able to see a specialist.

Our specialist appointment service reduces barriers to medical care by letting us book an appointment for you to see one of our affiliated doctor specialists in person.


Specialist Referrals

Specialist Referral

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Consult an online doctor to get a requisition and referral to see a specialist.

Specialist Appointment

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 If you already have a requisition or if you were provided with a specialist referral from an Eden Telemed online doctor, we can assist you in booking your appointment with a specialist in person.