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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sinus infection?

No one enjoys having a sinus infection. The pain, pressure and general feeling of being unwell can make even the simplest daily tasks seem insurmountable. But there are things you can do to help ease your symptoms and get rid of the infection for good.

A sinus infection is a condition in which the cavities around your nasal passages become inflamed, causing symptoms such as a blocked nose, facial pain and pressure, a green or yellow discharge from your nose, and fever. Sinus infections are usually caused by viruses, but can also be caused by bacteria.

What causes sinus infections?

Sinus infections are most often caused by a virus, but they can also be caused by bacteria or allergies. The most common cause of sinus infections is the common cold, which is a viral infection. Other causes include:

-Bacterial infections


-Dirty air




How are sinus infections treated?

Sinus infections are a common ailment that can cause a great deal of discomfort. While there are over-the-counter medications that can help to relieve some of the symptoms, there are also a number of home remedies that can be used to treat sinus infections.
Some of these home remedies for sinus infections include:

- Drinking plenty of fluids: This will help to thin out the mucus and make it easier for the body to flush out the infection.

- Inhaling steam: This can help to loosen the mucus and make it easier to drain.

- Applying a warm compress: This can help to reduce swelling and pain.

- Using a neti pot: This can help to flush out the sinuses and remove any irritants or allergens that may be causing the infection.

What are some of the most common medications prescribed for sinus infections ?

The most commonly suggested prescription medications for sinus infections include:

Analgesics to treat pain, fever and inflammation, such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil)

Oral antibiotics such as Amoxicillin, Clavulin,

Doxycycline, Clarithromycin (Biaxin), or Cefixime

All of these medications are available online through Eden Telemed.

How can I prevent sinus infections?

There are a few things you can do to prevent sinus infections, or at least reduce your chances of getting one.

First, avoid any known triggers of sinus infections. These triggers can include allergies, colds, and upper respiratory infections. If you have allergies, be sure to take medications as prescribed by your doctor and avoid your triggers as much as possible. If you have a cold or upper respiratory infection, be sure to drink plenty of fluids and get rest.

Second, keep your sinuses clean and clear by washing them regularly with a saltwater solution (this can be done with a neti pot). You can also use a humidifier to keep the air in your home moist, which will help to keep your sinuses from getting too dry.

Third, build up your immunity by eating well, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep. Be sure to also take steps to avoid stress whenever possible.

By following these tips, you can help to prevent sinus infections or at least reduce their severity and frequency of them.

Can I get a prescription to help treat sinus infections on Eden Telemed?

Of course! During your consultation, if necessary, our online doctors can prescribe you medication to treat sinus infections and help you feel better, faster. You can get your prescriptions sent to any pharmacy or have them delivered straight to your door for free!

When should I speak to a doctor about a sinus infection?

There are a few key times when you should definitely speak to a doctor for your sinus infection. If your sinus infection is accompanied by a high fever, severe headache, or vision problems, you should seek medical attention right away. Additionally, if your sinus infection does not improve after 10 days of home treatment, it’s time to speak to a doctor. Finally, if you have had more than three episodes of sinus infections in a year, you should also consult a doctor.

Can I get an online consultation for sinus infections on Eden Telemed?

Absolutely, you can speak directly to a licensed doctor online about sinus infections in minutes, from your phone, tablet, or computer. Get a diagnosis, treatment or prescription for sinus infections from the comfort of your home or office.

How does an online consultation for sinus infections work?

Booking a doctor’s visit on Eden Telemed about sinus infections is very easy. You simply need to tap a button to request a consultation, and we’ll connect you with a doctor. All of our consultations are private and confidential, and take place over secure chat, phone, or video.

Am I covered by insurance for telemedicine or online consultations with private doctors ?

Yes. Most insurance companies reimburse part or all of telemedicine and private healthcare services depending on your insurance coverage. However, it is always best to check with your insurance.


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