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Virtual Healthcare Solutions For Your Organization.

Eden Telemed offers your employees fast, real-time access to an online multidisciplinary care team, from the comfort of the office. Improve the physical and mental wellness of your employees, improve productivity, reduce absenteeism, and create a happier and healthier workplace, all from a single platform.

Eden Telemed offers virtual healthcare solutions for your business.
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The Health of Your Employees Matter

At Eden Telemed, our priority is to keep your employees healthy and avoid unnecessary trips or waits at the ER or clinic with instant access to doctors and specialists by phone or video, such as family medicine, pediatrics, mental health, sexual health, osteopathy, physiotherapy, nutrition, podiatry and more at your employees’ fingertips! 

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Benefits For Your Business

Unlimited Virtual healthcare for your employees.

Unlimited Virtual Healthcare

Empower your employees with unlimited, on-demand access to online doctors and specialists, from the comfort of the office.

Integrated 360-Degree Care

One simple platform to coordinate full-spectrum care for your team, including diagnosis, prescriptions, lab tests, medication delivery, personalized follow-ups, chronic care, mental health support, specialist referrals and more, for a seamless all-in-one health experience.

positive business healthcare outcome.

Drive Positive Health & Business Outcomes

Make a real impact on your employees’ and your organization’s wellbeing by bringing better, humanized care and tangible health benefits for your business.

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Employees want their company to do more to support their health.
77 %
Average employee utilization rate
65 %
Medical problems resolved in the first online visit.
77 %
Online consults prevent employee absence from work.
70 %
Eden Telemed business healthcare solutions employee rating.
97 %
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eden Telemed?

With Eden Telemed, you can start talking to a family doctor or specialist to get a prescription online in minutes. All Eden Telehealth doctors are Canadian licensed physicians and members of the College of Physicians of Quebec. Our goal is to provide unlimited access to fast and convenient virtual care from the comfort of your home or office.

How does it work?

You simply need to tap a button to request a consultation, and we’ll connect you with a doctor. All of our consultations are private and confidential, and take place over secure chat, phone, or video.

What services do your doctors offer?

Our online general or family doctors can provide a diagnosis, treatment plan, prescriptions, doctor notes, blood & lab tests and much more.

We also offer access to many specialists online and in-person, from dermatologists to mental health specialists and much more. While you’d typically have to wait months to see one, there’s no wait times or referral needed to speak with a Canadian-licensed specialist with Eden Telemed.

How do I get a prescription?

After your consultation, if necessary, our online doctors can prescribe you medication for several common health conditions. Prescriptions from Eden Telemed are legitimate. You can get your prescriptions delivered to your door for free within 24 hours.

How do I get a blood test?

After your consultation, if necessary, our online doctors can prescribe you lab or blood tests to analyze your condition. Our nurse team can perform lab & blood tests in the comfort of your home or office. Private lab costs are covered 80% or more by most private insurances. Results are obtained quickly within 24 hours for the majority of tests. Our medical team will guide you through the process and let you know if you need to be fasting or not.

How do I set up a corporate membership for my organization?

You will need to fill out our contact form and provide our care team with your company’s details, the number of employees, and the type of care you are looking to offer. Our business specialists will craft a dedicated care plan tailored to your organization’s needs.